3 Steps to Healthy Hair

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3 Steps to Healthy Hair

3 Dietary Modifications for Shiny, Silky Hair:  

While hair products can offer an excellent boost to your beauty routine, we often forget that the true value that our dietary habits provide. Our hair and skin serves as a direct representation of how healthy we are on the inside. In fact, the most beautiful silky and shiny hair comes from being well-nourished, properly detoxed and engaging in mindful eating practices. Here is our round up of our top ‘healthy hair’ lifestyle choices.


1)    Horsetail Horsetail herb taken in tea or tablets contains a high amount of silica that is required for optimal hair growth, structure and resilience. Since silica is a component of collagen, this will also benefit your skin, resulting in a greater glow and enhanced vibrancy. 


2)    Fats: Choose healthy fats wherever possible. This includes: avocado, hemp seeds, raw unsalted nuts (such as almonds, walnuts and cashews). As well as unrefined olis such as extra-virgin olive oil, flax seed oil, hemp oil or coconut oil.  This will confer additional hydration in the body cells, which will be transferred to the hair shaft through proper sebum production.


3)    Dark leafy greens: Contain a multitude of nutrients and antioxidants for healthy hair. These include: zinc, b-vitamins, iron, magnesium, vitamin A & C, as well as having the richness of a variety of phytochemicals. It’s natures multi-vitamin, and this will do wonders for improving the thickness, length, and resiliency of your hair, not to mention shine! Go for plenty of kale, spinach, swiss chard, arugula, collard greens, cabbage, dandelion, and broccoli. Remember, the darker the green the better, as this is a direct sign of how nutrient dense it is!


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About Erica & Emily

Erica Grenci, Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine,

Co-founder of Detox Passport

Erica believes in the innate wisdom of nature, that plants are intelligent and that our bodies are designed to be forever healthy and vibrant. Erica lives life in bold and feels most alive when she is connected, engaged and pouring her heart in her writing, which she shared through the lens of her blog ‘Everything Beautiful’ over the last six years. With a passionate focus on natural healing modalities, she graduated with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine in 2016 alongside her partner Emily and decided to further pursue her passion in plant medicine by becoming a herbalist. Erica believes life’s best moments are when you're laughing.


Emily Elliot, Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine,

Co-founder of Detox Passport

Emily is a passionate believer in the power of prevention as the new paradigm of medicine. She is a lover of nourishing foods, grown straight from the earth and she is a believer in everyday miracles. Three years into life as a marketing executive she heard a whisper that guided her to her deeper calling – a career in natural medicine.  Emily graduated with a Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in 2016 and after a brief holistic reset travelling abroad, is moving forward to spread the healing power of community, food and lifestyle in Toronto with her incredible, vibrant partner Erica. Emily lives life with an open heart and believes that smiles and connection conquers all.


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