FAQ - Had a baby and losing my hair?

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FAQ - Had a baby and losing my hair?

 I've just had a baby and noticed that I'm losing hair.

Is this normal?


Yes it is quite normal to lose hair after having a baby. While pregnant the body's estrogen is higher than normal causing the hair to stay in the growth phase and resist natural shedding. After one has given birth the estrogen stays high and doesn't start to drop until breast feeding has ended. When the estrogen starts to return to a normal pre-pregnancy level, the hairs that have not shed normally

for the duration of pregnancy and breast feeding start to fall out. It can be shocking to see so much hair fall out.

Remember that it is normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day. Multiply this by the time spent pregnant and one can see how this would be scary. The shedding will level off once your estrogen returns to your body's normal state. To help keep your hair feeling full as you go through these changes I recommend using "Density" by Kerastase. Density will help keep your locks lustrous and feeling thick as your body gets back to its normal state. 

Answer provided by Kelly Toms

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