FAQ - Healthy hair while being blonde

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FAQ - Healthy hair while being blonde
How can I be a beautiful blonde and still have healthy hair? 

Having Healthy hair can be a challenge depending on where you start. Toexplain; if you are naturally a darker shade it requires the colourist to be a bit more aggressive in their approach to achieve the desired effect. Here are some suggestions that will allow you to maintain that healthy hair look as a blonde.

Prior to shampooing using a boar bristle brush for 5 minutes and brush the hair causing the natural oils that are closer to the scalp to move down the hair shaft. This is the best natural conditioning of the hair. It is necessary to use the appropriate products, especially shampoo and conditioners and masque once a week. Towel dry the hair to remove as much moisture from the hair as possible, ideally 60%. Comb hair with a wide tooth comb using small sections to avoid tangling.

If you blow dry your hair it would be best to use a boar bristle brush to ensure minimal damage to the hair shaft, i.e. split ends/ breakage.

It is possible to achieve that desired blonde
but it requires a professional well planned approach
using product that will create minimal damage.
One such product is Smart Blond
that should be incorporated into the formulation.

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