FAQ - The difference between balayage and ombre?

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FAQ - The difference between balayage and ombre?
What is the difference between a balayage and an ombre?
  Balayage is a free hand technique.  
Ombre is a look that has darker roots to lighter ends.

Both of these techniques are highly sought after in professional salons. The differences in our experience between the two are as follows.

The trend began with ombré. The French translation means "Shadow". This approach featured a dark to light fade on a more nuanced level beginning with a darker root, then lightening the mid shaft and ends of the hair.The desired intensity and contrast between the roots and ends varies, and is determined on an individual basis to create either a soft or striking gradient.


Balayage highlighting is a hand painting technique where the beauty professional graduates thin streams of colour down a triangular sectioning strategy by starting at the root, then using very little material, diffusing the majority of product onto the ends. The sectioning is less systematically placed, resulting in a much softer symmetry and as the colour during the balayage application does not penatrate the entirety of the section, the result is a warmer, more casual finish with a softer transition.


Both of these techniques offer relief from higher maintenance and more traditional colouring applications. The option of either gives the beauty professional an opportunity to personally customize each client's experience.


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